We assist you in achieving profitable sales growth, increasing business efficiency, and optimizing controlling & performance management system.


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We transfer knowledge and knowhow to you and your staff members through in-house seminars or public courses, especially in the field of controlling.


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Interim Management

We are your special task force and hands-on interim manager for restructuring or transforamtion of your business in domestic or foreign markets (e.g. in China).


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Who We Are

We are a network of experienced management consultants, trainers and interim managers with long-year international business experience.


Our shared mission is assisting you in achieving total performance excellence for your business.


Among our clients, there are both large businesses and small-to-medium-sized companies which come from different industries, such as automotive & automotive supply, mechanical engineering and chemical & pharmaceutical industry, as well as non-profit sector, such as professional business associations.


We follow our clients and deliver our service wherever our clients do business. We have profound project experience especially in German-speaking countries and in China.


Our Role Understanding

As management consultant, trainer and interim manager, we are your "CPO" (Corporate Performance Officer) taking different roles for different situations of your business:

  • Sparring partner with the "second or third opion"

We provide you with creative ideas and out-of-box approachs for answering your business and management questions.

  • Special task force for challenging and urgent projects

We help you overcome possible bottleneck in your project resources, either for market entry, growth, restructuring or devesture case.

  • Interim manager for restructuring and transformation

We take over interim management responsibilities for your business facing challenging time of transformation, in your home country or in your foreign subsidiaries (e.g. in China)

  • Neutral mediator in critical situations

Whether in internal management workshops, in difficult negotiations with business partners, or in other critical situations, we are a neutral communicator and "brige builder" giving all parties a helping hand.

  • Trainer and facilitator for organizational learning

We transfer our knowledge and experience to your staff and facilitate joint learning and knowledge-sharing in your organization.


Our Business Philosphy

  • Focus on performance improvement

The final objective of our consulting, training or interim management work is always to make measurable contribution to business performance of our clients- either in financial or non-financial term.

  • Holistic and balanced view

We assist our clients in managing both financial and non-financial factors of their business. We are not only satisfied to deliver short-term financial improvement, but always try to help our clients in developing their own capability to achieve long-term success.

  • Collaborative approach of service delivery

We deliver our services always in close cooperation with our clients. We are ready to transfer our knowledge and knowhow to our clients so that they can achieve long-term sustainable performance improvement.   

  • International orientation

We have a truly international team consisting of members with different cultural background and cross-cultural working experience. We follow our clients and deliver our service wherever our clients do business. We have extensive project experience especially in China.

  • Commitment and fairness

We are committed to achieve measurable results for our clients and are ready to be paid for performance: If the performance level which we jointly defined with our clients at the beginning of our project could not be achieved at the end of the project, we would return a pre-defined part of our project fees back to our clients.

If you would like to have more information about our services and references, please don't hesitate to contact us.