As management consultant, we are supporting you to focus on major issues on your management agenda:

>> Achieving profitable sales growth:

  • Developing business plans for more profitable growth in domestic or international markets (e.g. in China)

  • Improving the quality of sales planning and forecast

  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of sales through "Sales Excellence" initiatives

  • Introducing or optimizing key account management

 >> Improving business efficiency

  • Business restructuring for EBIT turnaround & cash flow improvement, also in your subsidiaries or joint ventures in China
  • Optimizing overhead cost management

  • Improving working capital management (e.g. inventory & AR)

  • Post-merger-integration and cross-boarder synergy management

 >> Optimizing controlling & performance management system

  • Improving planning & budgeting processes and systems

  • Improving management reporting and forecast, including DIY BI capability

  • Optimizing product costing based on more activity-based / value-stream approach

  • Introducing a more strategy-aligned KPI system for performance management


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